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Originally Posted by mally View Post
Its great to hear things have moved on. I couldn't believe that e-lottery continued again, under bigfatlottos, especially that they used the databases we helped them generate.

Websites are the way ahead for me, affiliate yep but not mlm,

I was definitely 'unimpressed' when I found out too - especially with regard to the large database that I had created over several years at no small cost and with huge amount of time invested :(

However, doesn't do to dwell on the negative! I trialled another lotto based biz but didn't think much of it and feel that lotto based businesses have had their day. Not to put a downer on it for others that wish to continue in that vein but its definitely not for me any more and found that people are mistrustful of the many types of lotto based programmes available.

Instead I spent around 18 months looking for the right business venture rather than jumping on a bandwagon and eventually found the perfect thing for me - Wikaniko. I teamed up with another very experienced ex-elottery member, who I have always worked well with, we created a business partnership two years ago and are VERY happy with it.

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